The Waiter’s Towel from Vacu Vin is designed to easily open screw cap bottles and serve wine in style. The inside of the Waiter’s Towel contains a rubber pattern for perfect grip when opening screw cap bottles as well as muting the sound when opening screw caps. The rubber pattern also allows you to pour wine without losing grip on the bottle when this is cold and slippery from condensation. Greatly improves your bottle opening experience.

  • Easily open screw cap bottles
  • Towel dries up condensation and catches drips
  • Rubber pattern for maximum grip on the bottle
  • Mutes the sound when opening screw caps



Dimensions: 110 x 10 x 220 / 4.33 x 0.39 x 8.66 Inch
Weight: 0,06 kg / 0.13 lbs
Material(s): Textile, Silicone



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